Peter Moshe Shpitzer was born in Yugoslavia in 1948. He moved to Israel in 1963, then to Canada in 2004, where he resides since.

Shpitzer became fascinated by music and woodworking as a young boy during his first years in Israel.
He started playing the violin at the age of nine.

In 1966 he started learning violin making and repairs directly from the master violin maker Haim Rapoport,

Shpitzer traveled to Cremona, Italy where he learned the art of Cremona repairs, which he continues to incorporates in his work, from Bata Morsey.

Shpitzer states that achieving the desired sound is a lifelong search, and that's what makes this profession so fascinating. When wood, Glue, Varnish and Strings comes together in the proper manner, a star is born.

Shpitzer Violins